Wednesday, March 24, 2010

The Wolfman

The film, “The Wolfman” is set in 1891 in Blackmoor, England. The tone of this movie is extraordinary. It had a wonderful feel of the old time movies with the setting and the lighting throughout the film. Some of the shots that director, Joe Johnston, created was incredible. They had an eerie old fashioned feel that in my opinion really worked well with the film. The special effects were great as well. The transformations that they show when the man becomes part wolf is captivating. Some of the action scenes were good too with the wolfman running through the town and a specific scene with just his silhouette in the woods in the middle of the night were picturesque.
The Wolfman, stars Benicio Del Toro, Emily Blunt, and the ever so brilliant Anthony Hopkins. Del Toro portrayed, Lawrence Talbot, an actor living in New York who comes back to England because of the sudden death of his brother Ben. No one is England can explain what happened to Ben, until one night the wolfman approaches a camp of people outside at night during a full moon. He attacks many people even Lawrence. There is a curse that surrounds the wolfman that once bitten and the person survives they too, at the next full moon will turn into a wolfman. Well, so Lawrence recovers almost immediately and then becomes the wolfman at the next full moon. Anthony Hopkins, portrays Lawrence’s father, John, and is of course great in his role. His character is quite intriguing and his relationship with Lawrence has the audience always at the edge of their seat wondering what they will do next. Emily Blunt portrays Gwen Conliffe, Ben Talbot’s fiancée. She is pleasant and a delight to watch. She cares for Lawrence after he is bitten by the wolfman, and is deeply involved in helping him get through his pain by being at his bedside.
In my opinion it is your basic, typical beauty and the beast story but very scary. I would recommend this film to anyone who enjoys action, horror, gore and special effects.

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