Tuesday, July 13, 2010


The 1989 dark comedy "Heathers" stars Winona Ryder, Christian Slater, Shannen Doherty, Kim Walker and Lisanne Falk. It centers on a clique of four girls-3 of which are named Heather- and the highschool drama that surrounds them. This film, deals with heavy issues such as hazing, suicides, and murder. Ryder's character, Veronica, is part of the 'Heather' clique but doesn't judge people by their looks or likes to deal with the drama that comes along with being in highschool. The Heathers (Doherty, Walker, and Falk) take pleasure in trying to sabotage people's lives and Veronica won't stand for it. Slater's character, J.D.,  befriends Veronica and they collaborate together to bring down the leader of the Heathers, Heather number 1. Can they succeed or will it be an epic failure for all of Westerberg High to witness?

I guess the best word to describe this film would be crazy. I recently saw this film, because I've always been intrigued and interested and seeing it in the year 2010, twenty one years after its release,  probably had a different effect on me than people who saw it back in the 80s. For starters, it's vulgar, it's rated R do to sexual situations, gore and violence. Right from the start I was in shock at how crude the language and some situations are that it's hard to believe it's a highschool comedy. This day and age we have vulgar, disturbing movies but they are never within a highschool comedy or drama.But, "Heathers" is also a very dark highschool comedy that I never knew until I watched it.

I really enjoyed this film, mainly because it was different than anything I have ever seen. Sure 'Mean Girls' is similar with the mean cliques and stuck up snobs but that was more funny and fun than dark and suspenseful like 'Heathers'. I liked how ridiculous some of the lines were and how it had that classic 80s feel, that all 80s movies have. I think it stands out because of the fact that it has a lot of gumption. It doesn't hold back and director Michael Lehmann took a lot of risks and succeeded.

I thought all the actors were decent, Slater and Ryder were a good match and the audience loves to hate Shannen Doherty which was a great surprise to me that she was in it. I think this movie will always be considered great because of its unique idea and outlandish characters and plotline.

All in all I would highly recommend this to anyone who enjoys 80s movies, films that don't hold back and people who have lived through highschool and probably have encountered at least one person just like a Heather.

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