Monday, August 9, 2010

Dinner For Schmucks!!!

'Dinner for Schmucks' stars Steve Carell and Paul Rudd in a ridiculous comedy about a hardworking salesman trying to climb the ladder of success by bringing an idiot to dinner to impress his boss.
Sounds ridiculous and quite out there, which it is but it's also hilarious. Paul Rudd plays Tim, a determined, motivated salesman who wants nothing more than to get promoted and make more money at his company. When Tim finally gets word that he may have a chance at everything he ever wanted, there is a small catch. He has to go to a small private dinner with his co-workers and boss and bring a complete idiot so everyone can make fun of him.

Although I enjoyed and was thoroughly entertained by this film, I would not pay to see it again. I absolutely love Paul Rudd, he is one of my all time favorite funny actors, but I wish he would play a different role. He portrays his usual nice normal guy who always finds himself in a difficult or awkard situation. He was great in the role but I would like to see him do something different for a change because I think he is selling himself short.

Steve Carell on the other hand was hysterical. He was goofy and completely committed to the role of Barry. I thought the chemistry between Carell and Rudd was great, I liked the idea of them paired up with each other in a movie.

Stephanie Szostak, who portrayed Julie, Tim's wife, I didn't like. I understand that they had to make her character passionate and difficult but I didn't like her character at all. I thought she was unreasonable and annoying and I wish they could've gotten someone who wasn't so serious. I felt like I was watching two different films. When Rudd and Carell were on screen it was a comedy and when Szostak and Rudd were on screen it was a bad drama. I think it needed more of a happy medium or balance between the two. 

Zach Galifianakis, who portrayed Thurman, was hysterical. I think him and Carell stole the show. When the scene with the dinner came up it was non stop laughter. Their characters were beyond ridiculous and hammed up, and if you like stupid comedy you will like this film and these characters.

All in all, I would only recommend this film to people who like stupid movies, with unrealistic people/situations, and potty humor.


  1. I thought this movie was going to be so stupid - but it actually was really funny. I loved it, as usual Steve Carrell and Zack Galifinackis - hilarious and Paul Rudd was great!

  2. yea I thought it wouldn't be as funny but I love Paul Rudd so he never disappoints and Steve Carrell and Zack Galifinackis were hysterical especially at dinner!!!