Saturday, August 21, 2010

Scott Pilgrim VS. The World

'Scott Pilgrim vs.The World' is directed by Edgar Wright and stars Michael Cera in the title role. Scott Pilgrim is a geeky, talented guitar player that meets the actual girl of his dreams, Ramona Flowers (Mary Elizabeth Winstead). She's mysterious and intriguing to Scott and he believes she is the one.  But the only way for Scott to be with Ramona is if he defeats her 7 evil exes. Can victory be his and win her over or will it be a pathetic, epic failure?
This movie was awesome! If you like video games, you'll love this film. There are a lot of video game references and aspects thrown into it. The way it was shot and edited makes it very one of its own. It's different and unique in that aspect. It's over the top and goofy but it's supposed to be. They speed up a lot of shots and scenes that make it more appealing to watch and even more enjoyable. It's a very cut to the chase film, and I like that.

Michael Cera wasn't as much as his usual character, which was great. He wasn't a pushover or as meek as his other roles. He is quite strong and comical. Kieran Culkin, plays Wallace Wells, Scott's gay roommate, and he is hysterical. I thought he was one of the best characters. Other than the awesome editing and shots,  I thought Wallace stole the show! Culkin was committed to the character and didn't hold back, it was very enjoyable. Ellen Wong was also great, she portrayed Knives Chao, Scott's high school girlfriend. She was also hysterical and over the top which was perfect for this type of film. She was another one of my favorites in the film. Also, the 7 evil exes were amazing as well! The overall acting, was really good, everyone was committed to their roles and comical in their own way.

Over all, I thought this movie rocked. It was completely different than anything I have ever seen. There were absolutely no rules, which I loved! No rules, yet it completely worked. It was over the top, ridiculous, and actually ended up to be a great film! I would recommend 'Scott Pilgrim vs. The World' to anyone who enjoys video games, corny or goofy situations, and characters that literally kick ass.

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