Thursday, September 2, 2010

Winter's Bone

Before I begin to write this review, I'd like to give you all a little back-story on why I went to see this strange film. I love movies, and I talk about movies with a lot of people, and when people tell me there is a film that is 'mind-blowing', 'phenomenal' or a 'must see' I have to see that film. Especially when there is Oscar buzz surrounding it. Of course the theater near me was not playing it along with 2 other theaters so my best friend (who also loves movies) and I went for a drive a good half hour away to see this 'mind-blowing' Winter's Bone. All that time, money and gas was wasted on this boring, dull film 'Winter’s Bone'.

If you still want to see this movie after reading the previous paragraph, keep reading...

'Winter's Bone' is directed by Debra Granik and stars Jennifer Lawrence as Ree, a 17 year old girl from the Ozark Mountains who has to care for her 12 year old brother and 6 year old sister, because her father is a drug dealer who is no where to be found and her mother is sick (they never say what's actually wrong with her). Ree's father goes missing, and if Ree can't find her father in time, Ree and her family will lose their house.
It sounds good, but boy was it boring. It was incredibly slow and for a film to be under 2 hours now a days, is very rare, but it still felt like it was a whole lot longer. There are parts that didn't make much sense, not much was explained and their accents made it difficult to understand what they were saying.

People are raving about Jennifer Lawrence's performance, which don't get me wrong she was really good, but she didn't really ride any crazy emotional roller coaster. Her character wasn't really complex at all. She was a strong, independent 17 year old that did what she had to do to survive. Her performance was portrayed all on one note; she had one level the whole time, which was miserable. Of course anyone would be because they show this family that is painfully poor and don't have much of anything, not even an education and they show her relationship with her relatives who pretty much hate her and won't help her out, which is unbelievably annoying. Also the fact that she is only 17 and she's a mother to her siblings and a caretaker for her mother and she has to make all the decisions that most people won't have to make. Which, I think in that aspect is interesting, I think that alone has potential for a great story, but it didn't end up to be one.

The only word I kept uttering out of the theater was sheer disappointment. I think there was too much hype or too much praise that made me think it would top all the movies of this year, but it didn't even come close. Even the movie poster was false advertising, it looks so interesting and epic and then you watch this story of this girl who doesn't really embark on this unforgettable journey or adventure to find her father, she barely leaves her little village. Maybe I missed something, maybe I'm looking too hard for something that isn't there. I'd love to know what everyone loved about it. Because to say that this film could be the best film of 2010 is a complete insult to 'Inception' and 'The Kids Are All Right' and heck even 'Scott Pilgrim' was more enjoyable and thought provoking than this film.

I wouldn't recommend 'Winter's Bone' to anyone, unless they have trouble sleeping, because this film will put you right to bed. If you've seen it, please share your thoughts, even if you disagree with me, because this is only my opinion.

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