Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Kill Bill Volume 3??

Director of 'Kill Bill Vol. 1', 'Kill Bill Vol.2', 'Pulp Fiction' and 2009's 'Inglorious Basterds', Quentin Tarrantino has thought of making a Kill Bill trilogy in the future. Here is what his thoughts and ideas are of making a third Kill Bill:

"So I'm sitting here thinking, "Fuck, if I could, I would," and I'd like to make it my DOLLARS TRILOGY, but I don't think it's a realistic possibility at this point, alright", Tarantino says of a third chapter. "If I did make it it would be years and years from now (like 14 or 15) and the plot would be about Vivica Fox's daughter seeking revenge on The Bride, after she killed her mother. It's cool because that scene where she kills her in front of the girl in KILL BILL seemed sort of open to expansion.
But by then Uma would be a lot older. I'd be a lot older. It would have nothing to do with killing Bill. It could be called KILL BRIDE but that's fucking corny. By then I'll be lucky to still have a job, and nobody will give a rat's ass about KILL BILL anymore (or, if I'm lucky, it'll just be a fond memory.)
If I get the chance...fuck yeah I'd do it...but basically right now I've got my whole career for the next twenty years planned out. I want to take my time with directorial projects. I don't want to be taking on two fucking movies a year like Spielberg did after he sold out, alright. That isn't me. I want to keep the same quality going so in the next twenty years I'll be lucky to make five or six movies. I want to go out in glory.
KILL BILL 3 might be a good bookend to my directorial career but chances are slim that it would ever actually happen. Uma hasn't really shown interest (we talked briefly about it a few weeks ago). I think she's past that shit now and I don't blame her. I love KILL BILL but the question is...in 15 years will I still want to be making it? Will Uma? Will I wanna risk fucking up the first two?
Hell no. So we'll see where this shit goes."

What do you think? How do you feel about a 3rd Kill Bill? I have to say I'm pretty intrigued.

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