Sunday, April 17, 2011

Scream 4 Review!!!

Director Wes Craven and writer Kevin Williamson are back, working together again on a franchise that changed the horror film genre over a decade ago. 'Scream 4' stars original 'Scream' cast members, Neve Campbell, David Arquette and Courtney Cox and newbies Emma Roberts, Hayden Panittere and Rory Culkin. The film centers on Sidney Prescott (Campbell) an author of a self-help book, who comes home to Woodsboro on a book tour on the ten year anniversary of the Woodsboro murders. When she returns she reconnects with old friends, Sheriff Dewey (Arquette) and Gale (Cox) who are now a bickering married couple. She also reconnects with her cousin Jill (Roberts) and her Aunt Kate. But, unfortunately when Sidney returns home, a new ghostface crawls back into her life and causes danger for her and her family and friends. Can Sidney finally be rid of the horrifying ghostface once and for all or will she lose her battle fighting another masked killer?

I'm not a big horror film fan, but I enjoy the 'Scream' films. The first 'Scream' was the first horror film I've ever seen way back when I was about 13 years old. Now, over a decade later, 'Scream 4' has arrived and is going back to it's original roots. What I love about these films is that they know their audience and how to appeal to them. 'Scream' always made fun of itself. They are good, fun films. 'Scream 4' is no different. It makes fun of horror films and even the characters in scary movies.

The acting in this film is decent, obviously not Academy Award worthy, but definitely better than the last 2 'Scream' films. I absolutely love that Neve Campbell, David Arquette and Courtney Cox signed up for this film because it wouldn't have been a 'Scream' film without the main three who started it all.

The story line is good; I enjoyed this storyline because it's simple and unpredictable. The suspense and thrill of this emotional rollercoaster ride definitely had me at the edge of my seat through out most of the film. There was never a dull moment and the action began almost immediately, just like the original 'Scream.'

I thoroughly enjoyed this film and highly recommend it to 'Scream' fans, and fans of the horror film genre. If you have seen this film please share your thoughts without giving anything away!!!

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