Tuesday, January 24, 2012

J. Edgar

J. Edgar is directed by four time Academy Award winner, Clint Eastwood and stars the brilliant Leonardo DiCaprio in the title role. The film centers on J. Edgar Hoover’s life over the span of nearly six decades and how he developed the federal bureau of investigation. Hoover’s life was fascinating and not truly known by many.

The acting in J. Edgar is phenomenal. Leonardo DiCaprio conquers the title role with intensity, intelligence, and talent. He morphs into the role of the private man that started the F.B.I. and portrayed him through his older years up until his death. The makeup and clothes just add to the remarkable appearance when DiCaprio plays Hoover as an old man. His mannerisms, his walk, his every move is just right as that of an older man. Armie Hammer portrays Clyde Tolson, Hoover’s right hand man, and best friend and rumored lover. Hammer, like DiCaprio, embodies an old man with expertise. He shakes his hands and body ever so gently, and speaks softly and slowly, and his makeup is also well done. DiCaprio and Hammer appear almost unrecognizable when portraying the older Tolson and Hoover.

The film is filled with suspense, thrill and fascinating facts of American history. Eastwood creates beautiful shots and illustrates the story wonderfully. Some scenes are from when Hoover was younger and some are shot from when he was older, and there is no confusion in the timeline because the scenes are cut just right.

The story of J. Edgar Hoover is intriguing, not only because of the way it’s portrayed but also because it’s based off of true events. J. Edgar Hoover was very private about his life, and his secretary, Helen Gandy (portrayed by the beautiful and elegant Naomi Watts) kept his life private even after his death. Gandy was Hoover’s secretary for fifty four years, and it is believed that she destroyed everything from his ‘personal file’ starting a year before his death. No one knows what was in those files, and sadly no one ever will.
J. Edgar is highly recommended for anyone who enjoys history, great acting, and a story that will leave you thinking days after it’s seen.

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