Saturday, March 3, 2012


Want to see a film filled with suspense, thrill and action? Check out Gone directed by Heitor Dhalia and starring Amanda Seyfried, Jennifer Carpenter and Emily Wickersham. Gone centers around Jill (Seyfried) a young woman that was abducted a few years ago straight from her home but luckily managed to escape. She lives her life waiting tables in the middle of the night and learning self defense, in case one day he comes back for her. One night she takes her sister’s car to work and comes home in the morning to find Molly gone. She desperately seeks her house to find her or to find clues as to where she may have gone. Her one horrifying thought comes to mind. Her abductor saw her car in the driveway and assumed she was home alone, but found Molly instead. Can Jill fight to find out where her sister is or will she be too late?

Gone is filled with suspense, the audience will be at the edge of their seat for majority of this film. The real kicker of this film is that when Jill was abducted years ago, she was the only one to survive. She claimed she saw human remains in the hole she was thrown into, but when police went to investigate, they found nothing. Since Jill lost her parents and her sister was an alcoholic at the time, they assumed Jill was seeing things and made everything up. They put her into a mental hospital and forced her to be on pills. Therefore, when Molly goes missing, the police reject Jill and refuse to help her causing Jill to take matters into her own hands.

Amanda Seyfried is awesome; she’s strong, intelligent and will stop at nothing to save her sister. The acting in the film was good, but everyone’s role was quite minor to Seyfried’s character. Seyfried carried this entire film, and she did it flawlessly.

The plot was decent, but the way director Heitor Dhalia filmed it was remarkable. He made it extremely enthralling and gripping with the music, the fast-paced action and the dark wood scenes at night. The audience is rooting for Jill all the way and struggling to watch this film with the anticipation that anything could happen in a fleeting moment.

Gone is highly recommended for anyone who enjoyed the film Taken, it’s quite similar except instead of it being a father (Liam Neeson) with special skills due to his job, it’s a young 20something girl, with no background of forensics just working off her adrenaline and the thought that losing her sister will mean she will lose everything including herself. It is also recommended for anyone who enjoys suspense filled dramas, deep with heart, sacrifice, and the struggling notion to move on.

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