Sunday, June 17, 2012

A Very Harold and Kumar Christmas Review For Blu-Ray Elite!!!

A Very Harold and Kumar Christmas is another comedy Warner Bros. sent me through the Blu-Ray Elite program. The film stars the original duo, John Cho and Kal Penn in a Christmas tale, focusing on Harold attempting to do the right thing, and desperately trying to impress his father-in-law for the holiday season. But when his father-in-law leaves him in charge to watch his most prized procession-a Christmas tree-Kumar somehow manages to destroy the tree and forces the over-the-top pair to embark on an absurd adventure to find the perfect tree to create the best Christmas for Harold and his wife’s family.

I unfortunately, have never seen the first two films of the Harold and Kumar franchise, so some jokes that were instilled into this film, I didn’t completely understand, but the entire film is ridiculous and full of laugh out loud scenarios.

The film has a simple storyline; the two best friends (at least I assume they were best friends in the previous films) have drifted apart, and are living completely separate lives. Harold is a successful business man and married to a beautiful woman, Maria, and is ready to start a family. Kumar, on the other hand, is still smoking pot, getting high and severely depressed over the recent breakup with his girlfriend, Vanessa. After Kumar burns down the beloved Christmas tree, Harold is unwillingly forced to find a replacement, bringing him closer to Kumar. The film is funny and surprisingly quite sweet; watching Harold and Kumar fight about their separate lives and capture their ups and downs of their friendship is not only realistic but somewhat sentimental. It’s great to see an outright ridiculous comedy filled with crude humor and then have scenes built with some emotional value.

The acting in the film is mediocre, the jokes are funny and the point gets across to the audience, but there aren’t any mind-blowing performances or truly emotional depth built into any character. Neil Patrick Harris is hysterical; he’s witty, sarcastic and downright crude. He was my favorite part of the film, but I think that’s just because I’m partial to NPH already.

In conclusion, if you’re looking for a mindless comedy to sit and watch with friends, A Very Harold and Kumar Christmas is the one to watch. It has vulgar humor, goofy scenarios, and a ridiculous yet fun-loving friendship displayed on screen. Also, if you’re lucky enough to have the blu-ray be sure to watch the special features with the extended cut and deleted scenes! Check it out today!

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