Friday, September 14, 2012

Finding Nemo Splashes into Theaters in 3D!!!

The first time the Academy Award winning film, 'Finding Nemo' graced the big screen was nearly ten years ago, and warmed the hearts of families everywhere. For the first time since it debuted in theaters in 2003, the little clownfish Nemo is back and better than ever in 3D.
The film centers around a clownfish named Nemo (voiced by Alexander Gould) that has a small fin but a big attitude. One morning he decides to test his father, Marlin, (voiced by Albert Brooks) and unfortunately gets lost and captured in the Great Barrier Reef to Sydney. Nemo is nowhere to be found, and Marlin goes on a heroic quest to find the only thing that matters to him in the world, his son. On his adventurous journey he meets Dory (Ellen DeGeneres) and she helps him search for Nemo.
'Finding Nemo' is a fun, heartwarming film that the whole family can enjoy. It’s funny, sweet and now in theaters for a limited time in 3D. Check it out in a theater near you!!!

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