Friday, October 5, 2012

End of Watch!!!

Gritty, intense, gripping are all perfect words to describe director/writer David Ayer’s latest film, 'End of Watch' starring the constantly evolving Academy Award nominee, Jake Gyllenhaal and the underrated, Michael Pena. 'End of Watch' centers on two young, tough police officers in Los Angeles who are not only partners but best friends. One day, during a routine traffic stop the officers confiscate a small supply of money and firearms from the members of a well-known cartel, and are later targeted by some of the most dangerous drug-lords in LA.

Officer Brian Taylor (Gyllenhaal) is a young, impish ex-marine that is working his way through law school. One of his classes he has to take is a filmmaking course which is why he is always filming the other officers and crime scenes. A lot of what the audience sees is through Brian’s handy cam lens. The film takes place over the course of about a year. During that year, he meets Janet, played by Anna Kendrick and soon falls in love. Officer Mike Zavala (Pena) is a hardworking soon to be father and husband to Gabby portrayed by Natalie Martinez. The officers have an incredible friendship. They are constantly joking with each other, and having a good time together, but when trouble arises they both have each other’s backs. Gyllenhaal and Pena have amazing chemistry together; they seem as if they are best friends in real life. The acting in the film is phenomenal; both actors are constantly in the moment which has to be difficult since majority of the film they are on their toes working a dangerous job. Kendrick and Martinez are great supporting actresses. They both add elements of love and vulnerability to the robust officers working in a treacherous unsafe environment.
The film is mostly shot on Gyllenhaal’s handy cam, which some viewers may find difficult to watch. It’s the worst in the very beginning and then it’s not too bad throughout the rest of the film. It’s interesting to watch a film that has one of the characters showing the audience what he is seeing and then the director being able to flip the view and see everything else.
'End of Watch' is a film that will have the entire audience on the edge of their seats. To call it intense would be an understatement. Every fleeting moment is valuable and noteworthy. The actors that portray the gang members or ‘villains’ in the film, have this unprecedented presence of intimidation. It’s mind-blowing how there are two females in the gang, and they are not only just as intimidating but maybe even more frightening then the men in the film. They are ruthless and easily create the audience to feel nothing but hatred and disgust.
'End of Watch' is highly recommended to people who enjoy films that are fast-paced, action-packed, and will literally make anyone nervous about every scene that follows from the start. It’s gruesome, violent and filled with profanity. 'End of Watch' is also recommended to people who enjoy powerful, tragic films that show real life through a true lens, about two best friends fighting for their lives in a heart wrenching tale.

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