Sunday, November 11, 2012

Skyfall Soars!!!

Bond. James Bond is back and better than ever. Daniel Craig reprises his role in the third film of his Bond franchise, ‘Skyfall.’ The film is directed by Sam Mendes and also stars Javier Bardem, Judi Dench and Ralph Fiennes. The film centers on a list of secret agent names that have been stolen. Bond’s mission goes awry when he locates the person with the list and they both wind up fighting on top of a moving train. Another secret agent, Eve (portrayed by Naomie Harris) claims she has a shot of the thief but it’s not clear, M (Dench) forces her to take the shot. The shot hits Bond and he plummets into the ocean. Believing Bond is dead, M is asked by the British government to retire after 007’s recent death and the havoc that has ensued. M refuses to retire until matters are resolved. The MI6 are then under attack, and each secret agent that is exposed is being murdered one by one. Until, Bond resurfaces and devises a plan to complete his mission.

The acting in this film is truly great. The cast is made up of brilliant actors starting with Daniel Craig. Craig is great as the famed secret agent 007. He’s mysterious, sexy, classy, charming and of course badass. He’s perfect at keeping the audience constantly guessing what he’s thinking and what his next move will be. Academy Award winner, Judi Dench is strong and determined. She’s fearless as the brilliant M, Bond’s right hand lady. Dench has amazing presence throughout this film, she may seem like a gentle older woman, but in this film she’s courageous, feisty, and quite intimidating. Academy award winner, Javier Bardem, is magnificent as Silva the evil villain in ‘Skyfall.’ He plays a psycho path beautifully. He’s daunting, creepy and intelligent. He will stop at nothing to destroy M and everything she’s created.

The film is a fast paced, action packed thriller. Some scenes are literally unbelievable, but it’s comical, witty and finally dives into Bond’s past as a child. Bond’s life is intriguing because he comes off so mysterious; people want to know about his life, about his childhood. ‘Skyfall’ touches a little bit on what happened in his past and hopefully the next films that he has lined up to play Bond again, will dig deeper into his past. The audience wants to feel for his character, he’s already likeable yet no one truly knows the real Bond. ‘Skyfall’ creates the audience to question what happened to him when his parents died, and why is he the way he is?

‘Skyfall’ is highly recommended to anyone who enjoys films with Javier Bardem as an evil villain, and Daniel Craig fighting crime. 'Skyfall' is for anyone who enjoys movies that are filled with great action scenes, comical one liners, and films that carry the legacy of the world’s most famous secret agent, James Bond.


  1. Good review Dorothy. I’m very glad that after 50 years Bond still manages to remain relevant which is very, very impressive and I hope they keep it going too.

  2. Thanks Dan! I saw on that there are 2 more that Daniel Craig has signed up for, so they are definitely keeping it going!