Saturday, February 23, 2013

'Django Unchained' submits to greatness!!!

Director Quentin Tarantino is back with another outlandish controversial film, ‘Django Unchained.’ The film stars Academy Award winners Jamie Foxx, Christoph Waltz and three time Academy Award nomineeLeonardo DiCaprio. ‘Django Unchained’ focuses on a freed slave, Django (Foxx) that teams up with a German bounty hunter (Waltz) to save his wife (portrayed by Kerry Washington) from an evil, brutal plantation owner (DiCaprio).

‘Django Unchained’ is a fantastic film, filled with action, suspense, and love. Foxx portrays Django as a courageous fighter that will stop at nothing to find his beautiful, innocent wife. The audience is constantly rooting for Django throughout the film. Foxx plays a character that is likeable, tough and admirable. Waltz, portrays a dentist Dr. King Schultz, who seems like a sweet innocent man until there is a gun in his hand. He shows no mercy for some men, and has a big soft spot for slaves. Although rare in that time period, it was quite refreshing to see a film based on slavery and showing not all white men are cruel. DiCaprio who portrays Calvin Candie is intimidating, hateful, malicious and ruthless. DiCaprio is finally portraying the evil character, a character that people will love to hate. The acting in this film is truly great. The three lead men are reasons enough to catch this flick.
Tarantino has such a remarkable eye for films. He combines so many different aspects of films that he enjoys and throws them into one great movie. The soundtrack alone is perfect; Tarantino has a great knack for knowing the perfect songs to place in certain scenes. He made a bold decision to create a film on this subject and have it not only come out on top but also be nominated for an Academy Award for Best Picture. A lot of people don’t understand Tarantino, he may be an acquired taste, but just to appreciate his work such as the storyline, the casting, the music etc. is another reason to see ‘Django Unchained.’
In conclusion, I highly recommend ‘Django Unchained’ to anyone who enjoys Quentin Taratino movies, films filled with blood, gore, action, love, hate and the thought that anyone could fight for what they want, what they love and change the world.
Be sure to tune in tomorrow night 7:00et/4:00pt on ABC for the 85th Annual Academy Awards and root for your favorite nominees to win!

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  1. Tarrentino's capstone authorized,
    PC 'outrageous' '90's Show' move on
    to ---'BLAZING SADDLES' meets 'MANDINGO'.