Saturday, March 2, 2013

Please Vote For My Friends to win the Walking Dead Contest!!!

Cameron Ernst and Mark Blitch are back with another short, this time it's for 'The Walking Dead' fan contest. To refresh your memory as to who Ernst and Blitch are, they were involved with two shorts recently, one was 'Take a Hike' and the other was 'The Code.' To read my reviews and to view their shorts, click here and here

'Take a Hike' won two awards for Best Comedy and Best Screenplay Comedy and was nominated for a total of twelve awards at the 168 Festival in LA. The film is not only funny but beautifully heartfelt. It encompasses an array of emotions in just the eleven minutes that it is presented.
'The Code' is also an award winning short. Check out all the awards that 'The Code' won at the 2011 Splatterfest Festival in Houston! Best Film Best Director Best Screenplay Best Editing Best Kill Best Splatter Best Special Effects Audience Favorite Film Audience Favorite Story Audience Favorite Kill Audience Favorite Makeup

Okay so we all know 'The Walking Dead' is a HUGE show on AMC right now. For those of you who live under a rock or in a bubble it is a show based off a comic book series by Robert Kirkman. The show stars Andrew Lincoln as Rick a sheriff's deputy that awakes from a coma and discovers the world is being overrun by zombies. Rick searches for his family and comes across other survivors struggling in this zombie apocalypse. 'The Walking Dead' is now in it's third season and is holding a contest for it's fans. Check out this adorably funny video by Cameron Ernst and Mark Blitch. PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE VOTE FOR THIS VIDEO! YOU CAN VOTE EVERY 24 HOURS!!!

Just copy and paste the link into your computer's browser (will not work for your phone) and click Vote for this Video!

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