Sunday, August 25, 2013

Got nothing to do? Catch a film in Central Park!

Want to enjoy the last few days of summer before Labor Day Weekend and school begins? Go check out the Central Park Conservancy Film Festival in New York City. They have been showing free films all weekend. A DJ starts playing music at 6:30pm which is when the gates open for viewers, and the film starts at 8:00pm. Just a few tips if you plan on going.
  1. Get there as early as possible. There are a ton of people that go, and since it’s so beautiful out even more people will come out. The website says the films will screen rain or shine.
  2. Bring a blanket, they do not allow chairs because everyone has to sit on the ground. Bring something that you and your friends or family can sit on, and if you get there early enough you can get a good spot and sprawl out on a nice big blanket.
  3. If you get there early, they offer free popcorn to all viewers. They ran out of popcorn last night, but they said they would have it for tonight. They have a small building located right behind the grassy seated area for food, drinks and bathrooms but feel free to bring a picnic!
  4. Try to leave a few moments before the film ends, so you don’t get stuck in a swarm of people headed to the same place. Also, when you come it will be light out, so remember where you park or how you got to the area of the park, because at night time it can be confusing depending on how you got to the viewing area.
  5. Have fun! When else can you say that you watched a film in the middle of Central Park? Lay back, relax and enjoy the last stress free days before school begins and summer ends.
Tonight, August 25, 2013 the Central Park Conservancy Film Festival is playing ‘The Shining’ and tomorrow, August 26, 2013 the festival will come to a close with ‘Raiders of the Lost Arc’ the films are also shown with closed captions. Also, the following items are not permitted alcohol, glass bottles, chairs, video cameras, and tape recorders. The park is located at Sheep Meadow and the 72nd Street Cross Drive.
For more information check out The Central Park Conservancy Film Festival official website

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