Saturday, August 10, 2013

Hugh Jackman is razor-sharp in 'The Wolverine'

The Wolverine is this summer’s most underrated blockbuster hit. The film stars everyone’s favorite triple threat, Hugh Jackman as the title role and is directed byJames Mangold. The Wolverine opens with a flashback to the bombing of Nagasaki in World War II where Logan manages to save a young Japanese soldier, Yashida (portrayed by Ken Yamamura) from the atomic bomb. Fast forward to present day and Yashida, who is eternally grateful for Logan and his brave actions is unfortunately very ill and wishes to see Logan one more time to say his goodbye. Logan who is taking up space in the woods, starting fights in bars and looking like a homeless man is found by Yukio (portrayed by Rila Fukushima). Her master is Yashida and she entices Logan to travel to Japan with her and grant the wish of her dying master. When Logan lands in Japan there is a whole lot more drama and mayhem then he bargained for and needs to fight off his inner struggles and demons before its too late.

The Wolverine is a fun, fast paced flick that will have the audience at the edge of their seat. The acting in the film is great. The brilliant Hugh Jackman adds depth and grace to his fierce animalistic role. Logan is at a constant battle with himself, and Jackman is perfect at showcasing the inner demons and becoming vulnerable at times, but still remaining the strong courageous crime fighter. A pleasant surprise was Rila Fukushima; she was incredible. She portrayed Yukio, a young girl that Yashida’s son took in and called her his own. Her first scene she was fighting and keeping up with men twice her size. She created a beautiful balance between her emotions and her strength. There are some scenes where her character sees into the future and she becomes upset and distraught. It’s nice to see that she had a soul and wasn’t just a fighter. She had a heart and she had a great relationship with the lead female, Mariko (portrayed by Tao Okamoto). Okamoto was beautiful and elegant and had several moments of courageous fighting scenes as well. It’s enjoyable to catch a film where the ‘damsel in distress’ isn’t a complete weakling. She too was strong, and could kick butt if necessary.
The Wolverine had an interesting story, filled with guilt, revenge and love. It showcased how long Logan has been saving lives and how although at times he may think his mutation is somewhat of a curse, he wouldn’t be able to part with his claws and immortality.
The Wolverine is highly recommended to anyone who loves comic book films, Hugh Jackman, entertaining stories mixed with martial arts and sword fighting. Also, to anyone who enjoys a film packed with strong female characters, twisted plot lines, and the thought that power can only go so far, and love will always conquer all.
Check out The Wolverine in theaters today and be sure to stay after the credits for a bonus scene of what's to come!

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