Sunday, September 22, 2013

Celebrate the 75th Anniversary of The Wizard of Oz in IMAX 3D!!!

The Wizard of Oz is arguably the most watched film ever made and will continue to be as this timeless classic is now the oldest film to be converted for IMAX 3D theaters.The Wizard of Oz will be playing for a limited one week run starting from Friday September 20, 2013 to jump start the film’s 75th anniversary, starting in 2014. In October Warner Bros is releasing a 75th Anniversary DVD/Blu-ray collection, filled with copies of the film, behind the scenes footage, the making of the movie and more.

Dorothy and Toto are definitely not in Kansas anymore, the film’s recent digital remaster makeover takes the audience on a magnified, detailed journey. When Dorothy’s house lands in Munchkin Land and she opens the door to the new Technicolor world, the sights are breathtaking. The detail of the shiny plants, the Munchkins’ costumes and the evilness that pours out from the Wicked Witch is more vibrant than ever before.
Possibly named the most popular film of all time, is fun for the whole family. Children can enjoy the magical adventure Dorothy and her friends embark on and get a good laugh at the goofy lion, while adults can relive their childhood reminiscing about the scenes that made them scared or made them laugh.
The great quality about IMAX 3D films is not only the visual effects but the audio effects. The sounds displayed throughout the film were crystal clear. The songs, the special effects such as the Wicked Witch’s exits and entrances through a fiery red smoke, and the classic film quotes that everyone knows is heard through a surround sound speaker system that adds to the film’s magic.
Although The Wizard of Oz is almost 75 years old, the lessons that Dorothy and her friends learn are timeless and beautiful for children of this generation to be encouraged to understand. It’s not just the acting and singing from Judy GarlandRay BolgerJack Haleyand Bert Lahr, or the beautiful wickedness from Margaret Hamilton. It’s the story, the adventure and the masterpiece that unfolds as each character learns that they always had the power to be what they wanted to be, they just needed someone to guide them and make them believe in them self. Celebrate this week, by watching the film and supporting your children to believe in themselves and reminding them that “There’s no place like home.”

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