Sunday, February 9, 2014

Sandra Bullock defies 'Gravity'

Ever wonder what it’s like to float in space and explore a place that few people have ever entered? Now imagine floating in space with a small crew and disaster strikes. No where to go, barely able to survive, and no one can save you. That, in a nutshell is director Alfonso Cuaron’sGravity starring Academy Award winners Sandra Bullock and George Clooney.
Sandra Bullock was excellent as Ryan Stone, she was strong, determined and truly captivating throughout the film. Bullock proves that there is nothing she can’t do.Gravity is literally her floating in space for ninety minutes, and she carries the entire film herself beautifully. Bullock creates Ryan Stone as a bit of a mystery by not going into too much detail with her personal life and by not letting Kowalski know much about her. She is a complicated character struggling to survive both physically and mentally. George Clooney on the other hand, is a bit overrated. His role was rather small, and if it had been played by anyone else, they wouldn’t receive the kind of recognition he obtained. Clooney portrayed his character calm, cool and collected. There was no major depth to his character nor was there any reason for his acting to really stand out in this particular performance.

Gravity is shot almost entirely in space. The film opens with Ryan Stone (Bullock) a medical engineer working on the space ship and conversing with veteran astronaut Matt Kowalski (Clooney). Almost as soon as the film begins, chaos ensues, leaving Stone distraught and in panic. This is her first mission in space, and Kowalski’s last before retirement. Kowalski is more of a laid back, humorous character whereas Stone is serious and in constant panic. They spend a good chunk of the film working together and attempting to save each other before it’s too late.
Gravity was intense but at times hard to watch. The fact that Bullock is floating in space for nearly the whole film, can make some moviegoers tiresome of the constant non-gravity ‘space.’ The acting, as mentioned in the previous paragraph is the only reason to catch this film, and for the recent Oscar nominations it received, including Best Picture.
In conclusion, Gravity is highly recommended to anyone who enjoys sci-fi and films starring the beautiful Sandra Bullock. Also for anyone interested in a film that explores one woman’s inner struggles and ultimately overcoming fears of the unknown.
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