Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Alice In Wonderland

Sure, there’s no place like home, but if you’ve seen Wonderland you know for a fact that there’s really no place like Wonderland. "Alice in Wonderland" takes place 13 years after Alice first fell down the rabbit hole into Wonderland in Walt Disney’s cartoon classic with the same title. She is now 19 years old and about to be asked her hand in marriage by a rather unfortunate looking man, she doesn’t love named Hamish. She finds herself surrounded by people and Hamish proposing to her on a nice sunny day in a gazebo. But, before she can answer his proposal, a little white rabbit appears and a brand new adventure for Alice is about to begin.
Alice, portrayed by Mia Wasikowska, is beautifully pure, innocent and young at heart. At times it’s hard to believe she is 19. I thought that Mia played her wonderfully and even though some might argue that she didn’t come off as though events and situations were happening to her, the audience is led to believe that she is only dreaming and that if she is dreaming nothing can harm her and everything that’s anything is possible. She finds herself through Wonderland meeting all different kinds of characters, one being the Mad Hatter. The Mad Hatter is of course portrayed by the brilliant and ever changing Johnny Depp. There is really nothing he can’t do. He plays the Mad Hatter exactly how I would’ve imagined…absolutely MAD! He is kooky and fun and incredibly strange but also adorably loveable. Alice and the Mad Hatter become fast friends and decide to take on the Queen of Hearts in order to bring peace back to Wonderland and to have the White Queen rule again. The Queen of Hearts is played by the extremely weird Helena Bonham Carter. Her makeup is insane and her head is humungous. But for a small woman she is very intimidating. She was quite scary and was powerfully fierce. The White Queen is played by Anne Hathaway. Anne Hathaway did not have that big of a role but I thought she could’ve added more to her character. The White Queen was rather dull and boring, but I guess compared to Wonderland, the characters that live throughout, and the Queen of Hearts and her army anything and anyone would be considered quite boring. Alice and the Mad Hatter fight together to try and help the White Queen regain her power and they have the audience at the edge of their seats in excitement to see what they will go through next.
Tim Burton, the director of this beautiful fantasy did a magnificent job giving the audience a feel for the weird tone of Wonderland. The entire land with all the different characters were colorful and not colored at all, strange yet flawless. It was an interesting vision to see Wonderland created through Tim Burton’s eyes. He has a way of making the audience feel the setting and tone of his movies just by their appearance and nothing else.
If you enjoy films that are filled with fantasy, heart and adventure then you will love Alice in Wonderland. There’s no movie like it!

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