Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Rise of the Planet of the Apes Review!!!

Rise of the Planet of the Apes is a perfect example to not test products or medications on animals. The film focuses on a hard working scientist, Will, portrayed by Academy Award nominee James Franco, seeking desperately for a cure to end Alzheimer's disease, so his father, Charles, portrayed by two time Academy Award nominee John Lithgow, can regain his life back. After testing on the chimps goes horribly awry, the lab is forced to shut down and end testing. But, when one Chimp secretly gives birth and no one is around to take care of the newborn, Will takes the baby Chimp into his home and discovers there is so much more to little Caesar. Can Will raise the genetically enhanced chimp on his own and still fight for a cure to end the debilitating disease, or will chaos ensue when Caesar gains too much knowledge??

Rise of the Planet of the Apes is a prequel to the original films, demonstrating how the chimps gained knowledge, power and learned how to revolt. The film was truly incredible. The CGI was remarkable; some of the scenes the chimps looked extraordinarily real. Actor, Andy Serkis, portrayed the emotions and facial expressions of the chimpanzee, Caesar. The way the filmmakers captured his eyes was astonishing, he depicted every human emotion and expression just through his eyes. There were scenes where Caesar knew he was in the wrong, and the audience could see it in his face. Some scenes he illustrated pure anger and rage that would make anyone scared to get in his way. Serkis did an amazing job and deserves the proper recognition for personifying a chimpanzee and creating what felt like human life behind his ape-like eyes.

The acting was superb in this film. John Lithgow never disappoints. He portrays an older man, dealing with the unbearable symptoms of Alzheimer's. He’s vulnerable and sympathetic. He loves and cares for Caesar and truly believes in his son, Will, when no one else can. James Franco delivered a wonderful performance as well. His character Will is strong, determined, faithful and compassionate. The relationship that he holds with Caesar is rare, because although Caesar is a wild, rambunctious animal, he treats Will like his mother, never wants to leave him, until one day he is forced to.

The storyline was interesting. The tale of a young chimp gaining knowledge as an unborn mammal, and then gaining more wisdom as the years pass on, by receiving treatment for Alzheimer's disease and not only remaining healthy but, improving his mind rapidly. To view how these mammals can achieve the intelligence, mannerisms, and characterizations of a human is remarkable and almost uncanny.

Rise of the Planet of the Apes is highly recommended for anyone who enjoys a film about revolution that evokes suspense, thrill and passion. 

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