Friday, December 2, 2011


Dive into the creative mind of Martin Scorsese and experience an adventure of a lifetime. Academy award winning director, Martin Scorsese is at it again, with another beautiful timeless film, entitled Hugo. The film is based off the Brian Selznick book The Invention of Hugo Cabret and focuses on a young orphan who tries to solve a mystery that his late father has left behind.

Hugo is a fun, picturesque tale about a young boy, Hugo, (Asa Butterfield) who must find the missing key to his father’s creation, and then all his questions will hopefully be answered.

Butterfield’s performance was bold and refreshing. His character was brave, determined and full of compassion. His performance was mature; there were some scenes where he embodied more of an adult than a child. In one scene he gets very passionate and upset and he sits in a chair off to the side, and his mannerisms and actions resembled a young struggling man rather than a boy having a tantrum. He was an absolute delight to watch, and enjoy this character he created develop, grow and captivate his audience in just 127 minutes was truly remarkable. Chloe Grace Moretz portrays Isabelle, and is also a very mature actress for her age.  Isabelle and Hugo become friends throughout this heartfelt journey. Isabelle is patient, warm and everything Hugo needs in a friend. Moretz portrays Isabelle as a strong character but not overpowering. She is courageous and charming and interesting to follow. Ben Kingsley portrays George Melies, an older man who runs a toy shop. He also fixes up older toys. Kingsley portrays George as vulnerable, gentle and wise. He is full of love and passion. George’s life is intriguing and is constantly leaving the audience wanting more.

Aside from the tremendous talent the actors have in this film, Scorsese creates this beautiful world and proves that even children’s films can have all the elements to create a masterpiece film. The beautiful shots of Paris, the breathtaking adventure that Hugo embarks on and the story that dreams are within reach, even if no one believes it, sometimes all anyone needs is someone to push them to believe in themselves and their dreams in order to achieve them, is what makes Hugo so special.

Hugo is a film that should not be missed this holiday season. It is highly recommended to anyone who enjoys fantasy, adventure and a story that will touch the heart and leave the audience with nothing but hope and inspiration.

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