Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Inception Review for Blu-Ray Elite!!!

If you could dive into anyone’s mind who would you pick and why? Do you think you’d find something you didn’t think was there? Better yet, if you could slip into someone’s dreams and plant or steal ideas would you jump at the opportunity? Well, if you haven’t guessed the next film from Warner Bros. I received on blu-ray is Christopher Nolan’s masterpiece Inception. Although I’ve seen this film before, seeing it again on blu-ray is quite an experience. The sound and picture quality is crystal clear. Nolan has the ability to grab your attention from beginning to end, and go beyond entertaining. I would actually recommend seeing Inception more than once since it can be difficult to understand, and at times hard to follow but once you grasp the concept, it’s mind-blowing. The film centers on a troubled man, Cobb (portrayed by Leonardo DiCaprio) who is struggling to find a way back home to his children. Due to an unfortunate circumstance, the only way home for Cobb is to complete an almost impossible task. That task is to create an ‘inception’ which means, to plant an idea in someone’s mind without them knowing it. Cobb is an expert extractor-which means he can steal ideas, but inception is much more complicated and the job he is ordered to do come with major risks. Can Cobb and his team produce an idea into someone else’s mind in order for him to get his life back in America? Or will their attempt become incomplete and suffer the consequences?

Inception is a unique, original story that has never been done before, at least not to this caliber. Nolan is a visual genius. If I could pick someone’s mind to plant or steal ideas from, Nolan would definitely be in my top five. He’s creative, thoughtful, and incisive. He knows his audience and will never let them down; he just keeps coming up with more original ideas. Not familiar with his films? Check out his previous works, Memento, The Prestige, Batman Begins, The Dark Knight and in theaters this summer The Dark Knight Rises which I’m sure will be one of the biggest films of the year.

I love Inception, especially because it centers around dreams, which always baffle and intrigue me. The acting in this film is inspiring. The brilliant, versatile Leonardo DiCaprio is engaging and passionate. His character, Cobb, is in a constant fight with his inner demons and struggles to get his life back together. Ellen Page is great as Ariadne, she’s a small yet fierce member of their team and her job in the entire plot is quite important. Cillian Murphy is excellent as Robert, he’s vulnerable, naïve and his emotions throughout the film are expressed flawlessly.  Marion Cotillard is magnificent. Her screen presence is uncanny in this film, some parts when the music is playing and there is a quick shot of her, it will make you jump. She’s beautifully captivating and the way she conveys her emotions at times are heart wrenching. Joseph Gordon-Levitt is adorable as Arthur he’s smart, witty and has the best action scenes. His fighting scenes are awesome and fun.

In conclusion, I highly recommend Inception to anyone who enjoys action-packed thrillers filled with immense talent, an innovative story and amazing special effects. Inception is a film that will leave you constantly thinking about its beauty, brilliance and the concept that dreams are more powerful than one might think. 

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  1. Why should we care if Cobb "gets his life back" if, in the process, he and his gang of thugs commit an insidious act of mental violation against a COMPLETELY INNOCENT MAN? Oh, and by the way, every single "innovation" in this film-- with, perhaps, the exception of the folding street (and Luis Bunuel probably covered that one, too, at some point in his career)-- was lifted wholesale from far better heist and/or espionage films. The only thing unique about "Inception" is its rotten moral core.

  2. Looks like the movie fan got a troll. This one is a real turd burglar. I enjoyed Inception for its entertainment value. It kept me on the edge of my seat and the storyline stayed on my mind for quite awhile after seeing the film. I loved some of the characters and loved to hate others. Just out of curiosity to the previous poster, can you name some of the "far better" heist or espionage films that Inception stole innovations from? Love this site, keep up the great work!