Sunday, February 24, 2013

'Lincoln' Abolishes All Action

Lincoln’ stars Daniel Day Lewis in the title role, Sally Field as first lady Mary Todd Lincoln and is directed by Steven Spielberg. The film focuses on America’s sixteenth president as he struggles to abolish slavery. Lincoln is challenged by the men in his own cabinet to fight for the decision to end slavery.

“Lincoln’ is a historic tale that fails to keep viewers attention. The film is filled with dialogue and has absolutely no action. Even Lincoln’s famous assassination isn’t filmed; everything is about the conversations, trials and characters.
Spielberg did a great job encapsulating Lewis in a profound role. Lewis is the only reason to catch this film, his acting is truly phenomenal. Lewis is one of the few actors that completely morphs into his characters and completely commits. He even looks exactly like Abraham Lincoln. Makeup and costumes did a fantastic job creating the look and feel for Daniel Day Lewis’s Lincoln. Sally Field delivers a fine performance as well. She is full of emotion and captivating to witness. Tommy Lee Jones is also getting a lot of recognition for his portrayal as Thaddeus Stevens. Jones was great, but personally not as Oscar worthy as one would think. Jones along with Lewis and Field are all nominated for Oscars for their memorable performances.
Spielberg also does a great job capturing Abraham Lincoln’s life as not only the President of the United States, but also a husband and a father. He represented him as a brilliant, kind, thoughtful man that wanted to fight for what was right in this country.
In conclusion, ‘Lincoln’ is highly recommended to anyone who enjoys historical dramas, films directed by Steven Spielberg and an Academy Award nomination worthy performance from the legend that is Daniel Day Lewis. ‘Lincoln’ is although packed with mostly dialogue, it’s soaked with heart and compassion and the belief that our President truly wanted to do what was right for everyone, and strive to make our country completely free.
Be sure to tune in tonight for the 85th annual Academy Awards and root for your favorite stars!

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