Sunday, November 10, 2013

Thor: The Dark World- An action packed thrill

Chris Hemsworth is back as the mighty “God of Thunder” from Asgard in Marvel’s latest comic book film,Thor: The Dark WorldThe film is a sequel to the 2011 blockbuster hit, Thor and is directed by Alan Taylor.Thor The Dark World focuses on a race known as the dark elves that relish in the thought of misery, darkness and death. Thousands of years ago, the dark elves attempted to turn the universe dark by secreting a fatal weapon known as ether through the air. Luckily, warrioirs from Asgard (Thor’s homeland) were able to stop the dark elves’ leader, Malekith (Christopher Eccleston) and save the universe. Fast forward to present day, where all nine realms are aligning and Asgard is in the mist of falling to ruins due to Thor’s disruptive brother Loki (Tom Hiddleston) and his recent destructions both on Earth and with the nine realms; Malekith is awaiting the perfect opportunity to strike the ether once again into the universe. Meanwhile, Loki is banished to a prison cell in the dungeon of their castle, while Thor and his father, Odin, King of Asgard (Anthony Hopkins) struggle to keep peace and balance in their world. Can Thor and Odin save Asgard once again, or will the realms falter and seep into darkness?

Thor: The Dark World is a fun, entertaining flick. It has a lot more action than the previous film, and is non-stop from start to finish. Although there are many parts of the film that are comical, especially with Darcy’s (Kat Dennings) one liners yet again, and Eric (Stellan Skarsgard) going mentally insane due to what happened to him in New York, in The Avengers the film is very dark. It’s quite violent, and the dark elves can be deemed too scary for children.

For a superhero film, the acting is surprisingly great especially with Academy Award winning actors Anthony Hopkins and Natalie Portman. Hemsworth is perfect as the hunky hammer-throwing God Thor, and Tom Hiddleston is comical, evil and quite likable as Loki.
The plot was interesting-even though there is one major plot hole that has yet to be explained and can’t be discussed due to spoilers-but it kept the audience engaged and enticed the entire time. Portman reprises her role as Jane Foster, and this time is one of the pivotal characters in the film. She portrays the human scientist from Earth and Thor’s love interest. Two years have passed since she last saw Thor, trying to move on with her life after coming to the realization that he’s not coming back for her, until Darcy suddenly finds readings on her monitor similar to the readings when she first met Thor. Jane begins to investigate more for a good reading, but accidentally becomes engulfed into the magic of the dark elves. When Thor finds Jane he is forced to devise a plan to strive to save her life before it’s too late.

Thor: The Dark World is exhilarating to watch, it makes the audience sit at the edge of their seat awaiting for the next unbelievable scene to occur, since there were quite a few gasps and jaw-dropping scenes filled throughout. The film is highly recommended to anyone who enjoys the comic book action films, the brawny character of Thor or the sneering character of Loki. Also, to anyone who loves films that bring back that excitement of why it’s so enjoyable to attend the movies. This film is well rounded with great cinematography, acting, and a story full of entertainment, heart and one man who encompasses grace, integrity, courage, dignity, and wit which is the character that people can strive to be, and root for in the end.
Be sure to stay after for a clip, and if possible watch Thor and The Avengers to fully understand and appreciate Thor:The Dark World playing in theaters today!

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