Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Movies Coming Out This Weekend:

The Last Song

Clash of the Titans

Tyler Perry's Why did I get married too?

Don McKay (Limited Theaters)

The Greatest (Limited Theaters)

The Warlords (Limited Theaters)

Stark Expo Site

Paramount Pictures has launched which is a site for the film, Iron Man 2, which includes information about the upcoming Expo in the sequel along with videos, pictures, and downloads. Check it out!

New Knight and Day Trailer

what do you think?

Another Iron Man 2 Poster has been released

What do you think?

Hangover II

It has been confirmed that Warner Bros. and director Todd Philips are going ahead with a sequel to the hilarious "Hangover" film that won a golden globe this past year. Zach Galifianakis, Bradley Cooper and Ed Helms are signed on. I loved the "Hangover" but I'm a little hesitant about a sequel, what do you think?

Eclipse Stills

Some new stills from the Twilight Saga:Eclipse have been released today, check them out and be sure to catch Eclipse in theaters June 30th!

The Reader

If I had to pick one word to describe Stephen Daldry's film, "The Reader" it would be the word, "interesting." It stars the beautifully talented, Kate Winslet, as an older woman named Hanna, who takes a liking to a young 15 year old school boy named Michael, played by David Kross.

Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Inception Trailer!!!

Christopher Nolan's latest film starring Leonardo Dicaprio titled, "Inception." The trailer doesn't give us much but I will definitely be seeing this film!

The Latest Iron Man 2 Poster

What do you think?

New Julia Roberts Movie August 13

Clash of the Titans Trailor

Check it out this weekend in a theater near you!!!

Bree Tanner

Stephenie Meyer, author of The Twilight Series, is posting her new book, "The Short Second Life of Bree Tanner" online for free in June. Bree Tanner made a brief appearnce in Meyer's book, "Eclipse" (the third installment of the Twilight Series) as a young vampire that gets bitten by the vicious vampire Victoria, and dies shortly after. The book is written from Bree Tanner's point of view. Who knows maybe they will find a way to make this a movie as well. Be sure to check out "Eclipse" in theaters on June 30th!

Independence Day 2 and 3?

20th Century Fox is apparently in the works of an "Independence Day" sequel and another sequel after that. Will Smith is on board for both films. Its been 14 years since the first "Independence Day" film, so it should be pretty interesting. No details as in story/plotline or any other original cast members are coming back to the film have been confirmed.

Sunday, March 28, 2010

A Guide to Recognizing your Saints: GO SEE THIS FILM!!!

"A Guide to Recognizing your Saints" is a film based on the book written by the director and writer, Dito Montiel. If you want to see a movie that will blow you away, go rent this film. Its gritty and insane but powerful. Very, very powerful.

Saturday, March 27, 2010

Winners from the Kid's Choice Awards

Favorite TV Show
Cutest Couple
Jacob and Bella
Favorite TV Actor
Dylan Sprouse
Favorite TV Actress
Selena Gomez

Movie Review Show

Famous Film Critic Robert Ebert is planning to produce a new movie review show with his wife. No details on who will be hosting the new show or when it will air. But, his current show "At the movies" which he had with the late Gene Siskel is coming to an end, the final show will air on the weekend of August 14th.

Tune in tonight!

Kevin James is hosting the 23rd annual Nickelodeon Kids' Choice Awards airing live tonight at 8 p.m. Among the nominees, are the "Twilight Saga," Miley Cyrus, and the Jonas Brothers. President Barack Obama and First Lady Michelle Obama are up for the "cutest couple" award...since when were they in a movie/television show? Presenters include Robert Downey Jr.,Katy Perry, Steve Carrell, Tina Fey, David Spade and Chris Rock. There will also be performances by Rihanna and Justin Bieber. And Olympic speedskater Apolo Anton Ohno will be the first person ever to be catapulted by slingshot into slime. Sounds like a fun night of TV! Be sure to check it out!

The 83rd Annual Academy Awards

Tom Sherak the President of the Academy of Motion Pictures Arts and Sciences announced that next year's Oscars will be back in February. The biggest event in Hollywood is scheduled for February 27, 2011 at the Kodak Theater in Hollywood, CA. The nominations will be announced January 25, 2011.

Movies Available on DVD/Blu Ray this week:

The Blind Side


Fantastic Mr. Fox

The Men Who Stare at Goats

The Twilight Saga:New Moon

The African Quuen

Movies out this week:

How to Train your Dragon

Hot Tub Time Machine

The Eclipse (Limited Theaters)

Chloe (Limited Theaters)

Ca$h (Limited Theaters)

Godspeed (Limited Theaters)

Waking Sleeping Beauty (Limited Theaters)

Dancing Across Borders (Limited Theaters)


After the huge success of Tim Burton's "Alice in Wonderland" Disney is in the works of trying to put together a live action movie entitiled, "Maleficent." Maleficent is the evil queen who puts the spell on Sleeping Beauty. Apparently the movie would be from the queen's point of view and rumors are swirling that Angelina Jolie is interested in the title role and Tim Burton is also rumored that he has his eye on the project as well.

The Twilight Saga:Eclipse Poster!!!

Friday, March 26, 2010

Hey just wanted to let you all know that I will be posting movie related news on the site as well. I'm still learning how everything on here works, so bare with me. I will try to post more stuff tomorrow.

Sherlock Holmes

“Sherlock Holmes” directed by Guy Ritchie is set in the 1890s in England starring Robert Downey Jr. in the title role. The detective crime action thriller has Holmes and Watson, portrayed by Jude Law, doing what they do best, solving mysteries and crime.

Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Valentine's Day

Garry Marshall’s new film, "Valentine’s Day", was a bit of a disappointment. The film takes place present day in California on Valentine’s Day and how everyone in the movie spends their holiday. It had a lot of adorable moments and of course mushy love moments but hey, the title is Valentine’s Day its what people expect! I enjoyed the fact that it portrayed love from all different ages, all the way from 5th grader, Edison, played by Bryce Robinson, to his grandma Estelle, who the delightful Shirley MacLaine portrayed. Most of the movie is a mystery of how certain people are intertwined and who will be with whom in the end.

The Bounty Hounter

"The Bounty Hunter" starts off with Nicole Hurley, portrayed by Jennifer Aniston, who is a well-respected reporter for a newspaper on an important case. She was recently arrested for a minor incident and is ordered to attend court which she of course, misses. Since, she missed court she is declared a fugitive and her ex-husband, Milo, portrayed by Gerard Butler, has to hunt her down and bring her to court hence the title, The Bounty Hunter.

The Karate Kid

The 1984 classic entitled, "The Karate Kid" is a film that no 80s kid missed. It stars Ralph Macchio, as Daniel-Daniel son-La Russo as a regular kid from Jersey who unwillingly has to move to California with his mother. He unfortunately is an instant outsider and falls for the popular pretty girl in school, Ali, played by Elisabeth Shue.

Alice In Wonderland

Sure, there’s no place like home, but if you’ve seen Wonderland you know for a fact that there’s really no place like Wonderland. "Alice in Wonderland" takes place 13 years after Alice first fell down the rabbit hole into Wonderland in Walt Disney’s cartoon classic with the same title. She is now 19 years old and about to be asked her hand in marriage by a rather unfortunate looking man, she doesn’t love named Hamish. She finds herself surrounded by people and Hamish proposing to her on a nice sunny day in a gazebo. But, before she can answer his proposal, a little white rabbit appears and a brand new adventure for Alice is about to begin.


If you have not seen this film, you are missing out! James Cameron’s newest film “Avatar”, is a must see. This sci-fi fantasy is absolutely amazing. Avatar takes place in the future with high tech technology and machinery where scientists can create human-like “avatars” that look exactly like, Na’vis, the native aliens that live on the moon Pandora. Sam Worthington, who plays Jake Sully, the handicapped marine who has to accomplish a mission when Dr. Grace Augustine (played by Sigourney Weaver) asks him to help study and learn about the Na’vis and their land.

I Love You, Man

I love this movie! "I Love You, Man" takes place in Los Angeles, California in present day starring the delightful Paul Rudd, Rashida Jones, and Jason Segal. Paul Rudd plays the character Peter Klaven, who is rather reserved and doesn’t have many friends, which never seems to faze him until he proposes to the love of his life, Zooey Rice. Zooey has two best friends who she has had forever; Denise, played by Jamie Pressley and Hailey played by Sarah Burns. Zooey, Denise, and Hailey have a bunch of friends together that one night a week they host girls’ night at each other’s houses. During one of those girls nights, after Peter proposes to Zooey, Peter walks into Zooey and friends discussing how Peter not only doesn’t have a best friend but he doesn’t have any friends, therefore he most likely won’t have a best man for their June wedding. Upset and embarrassed, Peter is on a mission to find friends or a best man. He seeks help through his brother Robbie, played by the hysterical, Andy Samberg, and through the help of his mom, played by the lovely Jane Curtain. The “friends” his mom and brother find for Peter are amusing and completely out there. But, out of nowhere he eventually finds Sydney Fife, played by Jason Segal. Peter and Sydney become fast friends and their relationship is truly great. In a way, they are complete opposites, Peter being more reserved, self conscious and having low self esteem, whereas Sydney being quite odd in his strange outfits such as shorts and ugg boots in the middle of June in California, and living a more carefree lifestyle just being who he is and not caring what people say and think of him.

Shutter Island

Martin Scorsese’s newest film, “Shutter Island”, is an incredible adventure you don’t want to miss. It’s a high paced thriller that will have you sitting on the edge of your seat from beginning to end. Scorsese has beautiful shots and quick camera angles to make the film feel like you are actually experiencing what the actors are going through.

The Wolfman

The film, “The Wolfman” is set in 1891 in Blackmoor, England. The tone of this movie is extraordinary. It had a wonderful feel of the old time movies with the setting and the lighting throughout the film. Some of the shots that director, Joe Johnston, created was incredible. They had an eerie old fashioned feel that in my opinion really worked well with the film. The special effects were great as well. The transformations that they show when the man becomes part wolf is captivating. Some of the action scenes were good too with the wolfman running through the town and a specific scene with just his silhouette in the woods in the middle of the night were picturesque.